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Demuris secures almost €500,000 of EU grant funding

20 February 2009

Demuris has been awarded a significant amount of non-dilutive funding (€489,700) as a partner in the EU Framework Programme 7 project 'DIVINOCELL', which runs until 2013.

In a consortium of 11 partners, the challenge of DIVINOCELL is to develop new compounds to treat the infections caused by Gram-negative pathogens. Demuris' role in the project is to carry out systematic screening and hit identification – identifying and prioritising new targets and opportunities for productive screening assays.
Publications resulting from the project can be found on the DIVINOCELL website below.

DIVINOCELL Update | 01 April 2011

In its second year, the DIVINOCELL project has made good progress, which is demonstrated in the First Periodic Report, published on the DIVINOCELL website.


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