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Demuris receives significant funding from North East venture capital management company

5 July 2012

Demuris has received significant funding from Rivers Capital Partners to develop its research programme to produce new antibiotics with which to combat the growth of antimicrobial resistance, and to tackle infections such as MRSA and MDR E. coli.

Rivers Capital Partners

From left: Jonathan Gold, Rivers Capital Partners Ltd; Prof Jeff Errington, Demuris Ltd; Matthew Walsh, Peter Robinson, Muckle LLP; Robin Lockwood, Demuris Ltd; Natalia Blagburn, Rivers Capital Partners Ltd

Chief Executive Robin Lockwood said "After four years the company is now ready to proceed to the next stage of development for antibiotics sourced from natural products, specifically from its own unique actinomycete bacteria collection." The research team has already identified several lead compounds with the potential for development as new antibiotics needed to tackle multi-drug resistant superbugs. Demuris is generating initial revenue by allowing other companies to screen the actinomycete collection. The company is also receiving project funding from grants and has an application currently lodged with the Technology Strategy Board. There are presently five full-time members of staff who run the business, which will increase as grants and partnership deals are secured.

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