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Demuris awarded 119,000 grant funding from Technology Strategy Board

18 December 2012

Demuris has secured grant funding of 119,760 from the TSB for a feasibility study in which Demuris will develop natural product antibiotics for multi-drug resistant pathogens.

Demuris has screened several thousand rare and diverse antibiotic producing bacteria and several novel antibiotics have been identified which target problem multi-drug resistant pathogens. Using industrial biotechnology the project aims to develop selected compounds from the early stages of discovery through to a point where the compounds can be evaluated for pre-clinical development and viability of commercialisation. The project will show whether these compounds have the key properties needed for antibiotics of the future.

The National Industrial Biotechnology Facility, Redcar, will provide the fermentation resource needed to produce sufficient quantities of purified compounds for testing and development purposes.

Further details of the Technology Strategy Board can be found at the following link:

Technology Strategy Board

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