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Demuris awarded 197,000 grant funding from Technology Strategy Board for Synthetic Biology

25 January 2013

Demuris has secured grant funding of 197,317 from the TSB for a feasibility study in which Demuris will collaborate with Professor Mervyn Bibb and colleagues at the John Innes Centre (JIC), an independent, international centre of excellence in plant science and microbiology. The project will use Synthetic Biology methods to enhance and optimise production of a novel antibiotic.

Demuris has a pipeline of novel antibiotics produced by a variety of different actinobacteria. The leading molecule is presently made by an organism that is not ideal for large scale fermentation, and the compound structure may not yet be optimal in terms of pharmacological properties. The project aims to identify the antibiotic producer gene cluster and re-engineer it for production in an optimised chassis for production of actinobacterial natural products.

Coverage of funding in The Journal

Further details of the JIC and the Technology Strategy Board can be found at the following links:

Technology Strategy Board

John Innes Centre

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