Combining the power of nature and genomics to create new medicines


Unique Actinomycete collection

Collected over several decades by Prof Mike Goodfellow, world leading expert on their properties, habits and taxonomy. Exceptionally diverse and well dereplicated. Makes for extremely efficient primary screening.

Genome sequencing

All Demuris Hit strains have been sequenced and genomes assembled in house. Enables rapid prioritization of novel compounds by eliminating known compound producers.

Gene cluster cloning and expression

Demuris has cloned and heterologously expressed intact functional gene clusters of up to 140 kbp, from 5 different genera in our superhost production strains.

In vivo analoguing

Demuris can break free of IP constraints by generating compound analogues through molecular cloning and even total gene synthesis.

…a suite of state-of-the-art methods ... to fast track natural product drug discovery

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