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The Demuris Collection

Actinomycetes are one of the largest and most diverse groups of bacteria. Found in practically every environmental niche on the planet, they are involved in the turnover of organic matter and recalcitrant molecules.

One reason for their success is their ability to produce a vast range of "natural product" molecules, which help the bacteria adapt to their environment and inhibit their competitors. Many well-known drugs are made by actinomycetes, especially antibiotics, such as kanamycin and streptomycin.

The Demuris Collection totals over 10,000 actinomycete strains of both terrestrial and marine sources. It was assembled over a 40 year period by Professor Mike Goodfellow and colleagues and represents over 200 man years of work. Because Goodfellow’s interests lie in taxonomy – finding and characterising new species – the Demuris Collection is incredibly diverse. Crucially, it is also highly dereplicated, unlike most actinomycete collections created by pharma companies for drug screening purposes, which contain large numbers of replicates of closely related strains.

It is generally acknowledged in the field that chemical diversity follows biological diversity, hence the Demuris Collection provides a rich source of novel natural products for drug discovery.

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