Our Team

The Demuris Team

Founder and Director; CEO

Prof Jeff Errington FMedSci FRS

  • Director of the Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology (CBCB). The world’s largest and strongest research centre focused on bacterial cell function
  • Previously Professor of Microbiology, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, Oxford (1989-2005)
  • Pioneer of the bacterial cell biology field with nearly 300 peer reviewed publications, many in Nature, Science, Cell, etc. “World record holder” for Molecular Microbiology (53 papers)
  • Many academic accolades:
    • FRS, EMBO, FMedSci, American, and European Academies of Microbiology
    • Novartis Medal, Leeuwenhoek Lecture, Jean Shanks Lecture, Lwoff Medal…
  • Founder, Director, CSO of Prolysis Ltd (1998-2009) through to acquisition by Biota Holdings Ltd.
  • Board of Directors, Biota Pharma Inc (2010-2013) (latterly NASDAQ)
  • Developed 2 novel antibiotic programmes
    • Cell division inhibitor (Haydon et al., 2008, Science) (Now with Taxis Pharma Inc)
    • Topoisomerase inhibitor (Now with Spero Therapeutics)
Chief Business Officer

David Matthews

  • Experienced Life Sciences executive with +30 years experience, including international experience in EU and North America
  • Built numerous companies from startup to exit / IPO and responsible for raising over $500M in capital in numerous transactions including venture capital, IPO, follow-ons.
  • CFO at Allelix Biopharmaceuticals (Natpara; Gattex; now part of Takeda)
  • CFO at StressGen Biotechnologies (peak market valuation >$1B)
  • Finance Director at Aspreva Pharmaceuticals (revenues of >$200M; acquired for $1B)
  • Member of the founding team at GenomeDx (Decipher Biosciences) (launched multiple molecular diagnostic products)
Principal Scientist

Dr. Nick Allenby

  • Manages the discovery team and all aspects of the drug development process at Demuris
  • Working with Demuris since inception
  • Has supervised several PhD students to completion
  • Managed multiple large collaborative projects involving the EU, Innovate UK and Wellcome-Trust.
  • Extensive postdoctoral research studies with Profs Ward & Goodfellow (Newcastle) involving the phylogenetic distribution of antibiotic gene clusters.
    • Postdoctoral research studies with Prof Smith at the University of Surrey on antibiotic regulation.
    • PhD from Newcastle University in Molecular Microbiology
Non-Executive Director

Dr. David Pompliano

  • Internationally recognized drug discovery scientist and entrepreneur
  • PhD Chemistry, Stanford and post-doc with Jeremy Knowles at Harvard
  • Extensive Industry experience (Merck, GSK) leading discovery teams that generated >30 development dandidates
  • Registered anti-infective (Altabax) and anticancer (Tykerb, Votrient, Promacta) drugs
  • Co-founder, Revolution Medicines and Lodo Therapeutics
  • Member of Board of Directors or Scientific Advisory Boards of several biotechnology companies, government agencies and philanthropies

Scientific Advisor

Prof. Mike Goodfellow, MBE

  • Internationally recognised leader in actinomycete taxonomy
  • Collecting /classifying actinomycetes for over 40 years
  • Published over 400 original papers
  • Bergey Medal for outstanding contributions to microbial systematics
Scientific Advisor

Prof. Alan Ward

  • Emeritus Professor at Newcastle Univeristy
  • BSc, PhD Biochemistry, 40 years experience isolating and identifying actinomycetes
  • Published over 95 papers
  • Expertise in neural networks, bioinformics and AI
  • Visiting international professor at Chung Ang University, S. Korea